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Aroma Wellness Massage

Aroma Wellness Massage
$ 159.00 CAD
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This soothing 90-minute* treatment consists of a personally crafted aromatherapy journey and full-body relaxation massage. The focus of this massage is on the art of deep relaxation so often considered the consummate experience by many Spa goers. 

Begin your essential aroma treatment with a soak in our Chroma-Color Ultra-Tub™. These preliminaries will prepare you to receive all the wellness benefits of a full-body massage combined with the pure plant balancing essences you selected during your Balancing Ritual.

Essentially, wellness heaven!

All of our massages are delivered by a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) and qualify for benefit reimbursement.

*This time includes a Chroma-Therapy Ultra-Tub Soak™.

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