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Donation Requests


At Swizzlesticks Salon Spa we believe each and every charitable activity is valid and noble. We receive hundreds of requests each year and although we would like to, we simply cannot support them all. Please read below for a general outline of initiatives we are most likely to support. We hope it will assist you in determining if you should continue with your online application. You must complete the entire application. We only consider requests received via this online process.

Thanks for your understanding and we wish you well with your charity or event!


  • Organizations that are grassroots in nature
  • Who have low or no government support or funding
  • Who can not afford a highly visible, organized fund raising strategy
  • Activities that reward or recognize volunteers and other heros of our community.
  • Activities where we can distribute gift certificates, coupons, or corporate collateral to every participant; where those participant's demographics generally fall within our target customer profile.
  • Some forms of live auctions.
  • The Arts, humanities and localized community groups


  • Donation requests that may be used in any form of Silent Auction format.
  • Events and activities that may be lewd in nature or are incompatible with our corporate mission and values.
  • Organizations that are private in nature.
  • Organizations whose memberships carry a fee or are restricted. (Clubs, private schools etc.)
  • Organizations whose principle function is fund-raising to advance a particular political or religious agenda or philosophy.
  • Golf Tournaments. (While we love golf and golfers we prefer to support more grassroots movements.)

docClick here to download the Donation Request form in Word format. When you have completed the form please email it to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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