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Swizz ♥s February

Written by Jamie Maxwell

Valentines Day is recently behind us. For weeks before that particular calendar date, we're practically bombarded with reminders of our hearts. Paper representations of hearts, heart-shaped boxes of chocolates, and paper valentines in the shape of hearts or emblazoned with hearts across the front line the store shelves for us to purchase for our special sweethearts. The heart is such a peculiar thing though. We know much about them on a biological and scientific level but what do we really know about them on emotional level? We know that they love, that sometimes they break, and that they beat faster when someone we like is around. There are countless books, poems, and movies devoted to trying to figure out the workings of the heart but it's nearly impossible. It's partly due to the fact that our hearts are never the same twice. They're always growing, changing, ever evolving. Here's just a little glimpse of what makes our hearts race and glow lately.

 Buttermilk Cinema


Looking for something new and slightly unusual for your next date night? Consider heading down to Buttermilk Fine Waffles on 17th ave for Buttermilk Cinema, their weekly movie night. Every Monday night, they showcase a different film, showing such classic films as Die Hard, Say Anything, or The Grand Budapest Hote. Odds are they're showing something that you love or a classic you've always wanted to see. Cash flow a little tight right now? No problem! There's no charge at the door, so you'll have plenty of funds for waffles. Whether you have a sweet tooth or savoury is the name of your game, the Buttermilk folks have you covered with offerings such as a sumptuous lemon curd and goat cheese waffle or ham and asiago. One thing is for sure, this will be one Monday that you'll definitely be talking about around the watercooler on Tuesday morning.


  MA1 Bomber Jacket

bomberLegend has it that these highly identifiable jackets were first developed to replace the B2 Bomber Jackets for use in the United States Air Force. Newer jets required a lighter weight jacket with more maneuverability so we started to see these nylon beauties transition into use, then later popping up amongst civilians in the 70s and 80s. Thirty years later, these iconic pieces are making a re-emergence, though this time with a slightly slimmer cut though often keeping the military markings and colours. If drab olive or khaki isn't your thing, you have options. You can dress up this classic jacket by getting it in a flashy pink or sleek black or get it in a satin instead of the standard throwback nylon. If you're searching for one of these bombers to call your very own, you can scour our very own local army surplus store, Crown Army Surplus, or second hand at a vintage shop like Kensington's Peacock Boutique. If you're looking for something a little flashier, you can find one at one of the many fine local boutiques such as Gravity Pope or the gents can easily find a version by canadian-made brand Reigning Champ at Understudy. If you're looking to rock this retro chic look, be sure to act fast. Local clothing merchants tell us this look has been hard to keep in stock, often selling out in a single day.


Nap Eyes - Thought Rock Fish Scale

Watch This Video

Hailing from Halifax, these rockers just released their new album on February the 5th. Previously self-recording and releasing their own work, they've recently started working with record labels You've Changed and Paradise of Bachelors allowing for more exposure across Canada and into the US. Click above for an official audio track for "Mixer" from the new album.







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