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Green Circle Salons

GreenCircle verifiedA proud moment for Swizzlesticks Salon Spa and their Guests! Swizzlesticks has long been at the vanguard of the environmental movement in our Industry. In 1992 we established our mission in partnership with Aveda receiving Aveda's Global Steward ship award a few years later. We embraced our role as leaders in the Salon Industry for environmental leadership but still felt we could do more. In 2006, we became founding members of R.E.A.P. Calgary (Respect for the Earth and All People). This local organization brings together locally owned and operated businesses that are committed to operating profitably and sustainably while safeguarding the rights of their stakeholders. Not a small task but important and absolutely necessary. If not us, then who?

This very question has lead us back to the genesis project of our ever evolving environmental mission and that is; How do we reduce our "footprint"? Are we doing the best job we can some 20 years later? Are there improved opportunities and new environmental partners we can align with to do a better job and reduce our footprint even further?

Our journey has lead us in many new directions and today we are proud to announce that we have come full circle by formalizing our partnership with Green Circle Salons Canada, an organization dedicated to a simple and powerful green strategy to reduce the Salon Industry's eco-footprint.

Our partnership with Green Circles represents an opportunity for our Guests to participate in a real and proactive way by helping to finance this new pathway with an Environmental Contribution Initiative (ECI )fee to be added to your final bill each visit. This environmental impact mitigation fee is nominal ($1.50 per visit) but it will allow Swizzlesticks Salon Spa to do some pretty cool "green" miracles.

For the first time we will be able to not only recycle all paper/cardboard, plastic, tin, glass, electronics, batteries and others but we will be able to recycle metals including aluminum foils and color tubes.

Most importantly, after 20 year of pursuing a solution to hair colour waste, we are able to manage and recycle color chemical waste. Further, we now recycle human hair clippings, create petrochemical spill mitigation tools and recycle much of our Spa aesthetic waste products. This was unheard of even several years ago and now it is not only possible but it is already in effect at Swizzlesticks.

Thank you for embracing this past 20 years of our environmental journey and for being our most valuable and important partner along the way. You have made it possible for us to achieve our eco-goals and we have enjoyed tremendously inspiring you to set goals and achieve them yourself. This kind of synergy is people sharing and working together at its best! Making Beauty sustainable!

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