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Trend Watching: Spring & Summer 2013

Loreal ModelsDo you believe in magic?

2013 may seem like an inauspicious year for luck and magic. But in fact it may be one of those years where dreams become reality. This is not the year of "Smoke and Mirrors" but rather the year of "Steam and Shears!" Let me explain...

For the first time in a long time the current and future trends for hair include both straight and curly styles. Like magic, we can make any hair type straight using the miracle of steam and L'Oreal Professional's new Steam Pod™ system.

I'm guessing you're with me on the concept that steam can straighten hair, but mwould you believe that we can now make straight hair curly just by cutting it? Using the new Helix System™ method, your hair will remain wavy or curly permanently so long as we continue to cut your hair using the Helix haircutting techniques. How do they actually do that you ask yourself? There must be some product or chemical service that they are trying to hock! A bit of "smoke and mirrors"? 

We actually can straighten your hair using only steam and a protein application that is included in the cost of the service and we actually can truly cut your straight hair curly with a special pair of shears or scissors using the Helix System only. There is nothing additional to add to the hair or apply to the hair either on the day it is done or later. That's right -- you don't have to buy a single extra product other than your own hair care products that you have historically used and loved. PLUS, absolutely NO chemicals are used in either process. NONE! These are either very or totally green respectively with the Helix system being absolutely a chemical-free service. Your hair remains totally natural and as we found it, no damage or chemicals added. That's the real magic!

The Helix cutting system is a consumer's dream and a professional's challenge. It requires very specialized shears and due to its unrelenting three dimensional approach, it's extremely difficult to learn and to execute. This is not a system for the young or inexperienced stylist or apprentice. This is a system that truly resides in the purview of the master stylist. Even then it demands a great deal of education, concentration and practice to gain command over the technique. Currently, Swizzlesticks' Salon Team Leader is pursuing the mastery of this technique in order to bring it home to Calgary with the intension of training all of his stylists in the system. It should be noted that not only will Swizzlesticks be the first to have the system in Calgary but also the first to train and offer the system to the public in Canada. We are so proud to be the genesis Canadian Salon for this ingenuous new dimension in Professional hair design. This is not just a new shade of color in the palette of the Master…this is truly a whole new color! We hope to offer Helix Design Cuts late spring or early summer 2013. Training is underway now!


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