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Swizz ♥s Fall

With the changing of the seasons looming ahead, we start to think about changes in our lives. After months of the "same-ol'-same-ol'", we start to think about changing things up a little. It's important to keep in mind that change can be exciting. It can cause it to look at our lives from a different angle, to notice things that we hadn't noticed before. With the coming of fall, fashions start to change too. Here at SwizzleSticks, our guests come in and start toying with the idea of changing their hair colour to something a little warmer and richer for fall or a different shade of OPI polish than they have been rocking for the summer months. Maybe you'll come in to see us soon to find a little new you too. Until then, here are the brilliant little glints of change that are happening all around us. Here's hoping it inspires a little change in your life.

Ten Foot Henry  Ten Foot Henry Calgary

Back in the 1980s, used to be a punk club called 10 ft Henry, named for the massive plywood cutout of a 1930s cartoon character that adorned the walls. These days that cutout has found a new home in the same location. Ten Foot Henry is one of the newest restaurants to crop up, offering family-style small plate cuisine with a little something for everyone. Serving up what they dub "new North American" style food, the folks at Ten Foot Henry are proudly offering what they feel represents the melting pot and mosaic cultures of North America, with a specialty in catering to vegetarians who would like to dine with their carnivore friends. Expect sumptuous fish and pasta dishes like the salmon with chorizo as well as vegetable plates that will satisfy any herbivore. The bohemian serving staff waiting on your table are notably well-informed and prompt and always willing to let you in on a few of their favourite dishes with a suggestion or two. Definitely recommended for a night out with a few close friends for an intimate dinner.

Fashion Films

Recently, SwizzleSticks had an amazing opportunity to be proud sponsors for the first annual Canadian International Fashion Film Festival (or CANIFFF). The event celebrated and screen fashion films, short movies prominently exhibiting clothing, hair, and makeup in artistic ways. Following in the footsteps of fashion lookbook shorts that started appearing on the internet around ten years ago, these shorts allow us to see fashion in motion and surrounded by an aesthetic to give the viewer a fuller idea of what the collection is all about. Since the festival, we've become a little addicted, hunting down some of the latest and greatest that the medium has to offer. Check out the video we've included, Muk Bang, which was a CANIFFF award winner in the SwizzleSticks sponsored category of Best Hair and Makeup In A Fashion Film.

Early in 2015, we lost one of the visionaries of the Calgary theatre and arts communities in a tragic multi-vehicle accident. Michael Green was co-founder of One Yellow Rabbit Theatre Company, founder and curator of the High Performance Rodeo, and creative producer of Calgary 2012 before he was taken from us last year but one of his proudest accomplishments was creating the play Making Treaty 7 about the seven aboriginal tribes meeting representatives of the crown in 1877, creating a document which helped form the Province of Alberta. Once more, the show is set to go on in memorial of Michael Green and is set to run at the Grey Eagle Casino from September 28-30th, telling the story of the document that allowed for the peaceful settlement of our province and the effects that it has had on us all nearly 140 years later.

Swizz ♥s May

Written by Jamie Maxwell

Our history as humans is filled with all kinds of mythologies and stories that we've always told each other. One of the most prevalent of these is the story of the rainbow, those colorful optical illusions made when the sun rays shine through water in the atmosphere. Beautiful to behold, the legends are full of people endlessly chasing down these hued arcs to find some rumored pot of gold that is said to reside at the end at the landing point of these rainbows. The irony in all of this is that there is no end of the rainbow. If you were to look at one from an airplane, you wouldn't see an arc with the ends touching down on the earth but a complete and never ending circle. Maybe the moral of this particular story is that we, as humankind, need to stop chasing that ever elusive happiness that always seems to be just out of reach and take a moment to look around us to see the joy that is all around us, right in front of our faces. With that being said, we'd like to take a moment to show you the wonderful things that are all around us at this beautiful moment in time.

Zara's Ungendered-TRF line

unisexThe lines of gender have become a little blurrier lately with the ideas surrounding socially acceptable gender-norms and expectations being continually expanded outside of the usual gender binary. Fashion, as a representation of culture is always shfting to match society's values and attitudes, so it was only a matter of time before clothing designers started to match this gradual foray into gender fluidity. Following suit from European department store Selfridge's unisex concept pop-up department, the aptly named Agender, Zara brings us a new unisex diffusion label called Ungendered-TRF filled with clothes that are designed with no particular sex in mind. Banishing the idea of women's jeans or boyfriend-cut jeans, they introduce a new way of thinking; just jeans. This matches a new attitude that seems to be sweeping through the fashion world, with even Jaden Smith recently appearing in an ad for Louis Vuitton's women's line. Next time you have a few moments to yourself and an internet connection, hop onto the Zara website and check out what all the fuss is about for yourself. 


Glenbow Museum Free First Thursday

photo 3

If you've been dying to get out of the house lately but your wallet is running on empty, we just have an idea that just might be of interest to you. Calgary is lucky enough to be home to The Glenbow Museum, which boasts impressive collections, both native to us and borrowed, and being the benevolent curators of culture that they are, they're willing to waive admission at the gate just for you. The first Thursday of every month is Free First Thursday and from 5pm to 9pm, you'll get that chance to glance at some amazing art or history without putting down a single cent. This month, lucky visitors will have a chance to experience the magic that is visionary Paul Hardy. You just may find that your next new favorite activity has been located under your nose this entire time. 

Dandy Brewing Co.

photo 1Calgary is known for many things but craft beer is not usually one of them. With new regulations from the AGLC, the overlords controlling the rules around liquor sales and consumption in Alberta, new small batch microbrews are allowed to be smaller than ever before. Enter: Dandy Brewing Co., one of many new nano-breweries that have been popping up around town, with about 16 more slated for opening in the new future. Popping into their new taproom, you can sample any number of brews for any palate, including a joint effort with local brewers Tool Shed called 'Part Time Punks'. Craft beer has been quickly rising in popularity and is actually making a noticeable and even quantifiable dent in sales for some of the mainstream brewers. With quality ingredients and a versatile offering of flavors, it easily to see why beer drinkers are daring to drink on the wild side. 

Swizz ♥s March

Written by Jamie Maxwell

We often take for granted our ability to travel. A hundred years ago, to even travel across the continent was a huge undertaking and even a big risk. Fast forward to modern day and we can hop on a plane and be taken around the world with all the comforts of home for a nominal fee, disembarking to be immediately surrounded by a new and exciting foreign culture. Every time we do so, we are grown and expanded, returning home a slightly different person. It really does show us that culture matters. Hair, fashion, music, art, food, television, and architecture are all things that simultaneously reflect us and change and shape us in strange, and wonderful ways. On that note, here's our list of what we'd like to share with you of things that are shaping and changing us at this moment.



The world of hair is always very exciting. It's a rapidly changing and evolving scene, a reflection of our rapidly changing culture. While 2015 was all about the ombre, there is speculation that 2016 may very well be the year of the bronde, a light brown/dark blonde that celebrates the best of both worlds. Hair color has typically been very polarized, divided into two camps; those that prefer a warm, rich brunette and those that prefer a sunny, flirty blonde. While there was always some traffic between the two camps, it was usually one or the other. The bronde is a little bit of a game changer as it falls somewhere in the middle. It's not quite as severe as a brown but slightly easier to upkeep than a blonde, making it an attractive option that many have not considered before. Even the celebrities have been at it, most notably the lovely Cara Delavigne. Next trip to the salon, perhaps consider asking if this shade might work for you. For bonus points, even consider rocking the bronde ombre - or brombre - for a fun twist on this season's trend.

Schitt's Creek

 From the brilliant mind of Eugene Levy and his son Dan Levy, there's a hilarious series that has been popping up on everyone's radar. Airing on Canada's own network, The CBC, this series centers around a rich and powerful family who have hit a little snag in their luck and thanks to the IRS must live in a town that they purchased as a joke. The result is a roaringly funny fish out of water story set in a backwater podunk rural town in the middle of nowhere, populated by quirky and colorful characters. The big names don't end with the Levys, with the assistance of such comedy legends as Catherine O'Hara and funnyman Chris Elliot as the mayor. With season two just winding up, there's still ample time to catch up on Netflix or online on the CBC website.


National Music Centre

NMC The skyline in Calgary is constantly shifting but one of the most notable is almost fully erected. On the grounds of the old King Edward Hotel, a new building is going up that promises to be the gem of the rapidly developing East Village; that building, of course, is the new National Music Center. Operating for years in a modest former location, the NMC has been a highly touted project by our amazing mayor, the honorable Naheed Nenshi as part of an ongoing plan to support a local thriving art and music scene in our city. According to preliminary material from the East Village, the goal of the NMC is to "link Calgary’s musical past with its entertainment future,  amplifying the love, sharing and understanding of music as it goes" which it does splendidly by boasting an impressive and one-of-a-kind instrument collection, housing for important coalitions seeking to provide and improve funding and resources for musicians and aspirings and providing a new and improved performance spaces. Now 90% complete, the building is scheduled to soft open during a crowning night for Calgary, our hosting of this year's Junos. This certainly is one local gem to have on your "must see" list in the near future.