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5 Questions To Ask Your Stylist Before a Color Change!

SwizzleSticks Salon Calgary Hair ColourSwizzleSticks Salon Calgary Hair Color


1. How much time will be needed to achieve this look?

Truthfully, color changes are not all created equally. Sometimes a series of appointments are needed to truly capture your dream hair color. This is especially true when you are going more than 2 levels away from your natural color. Colorists are chemists and they know how far they can push the hair, and what steps will be needed to keep hair healthy and shiny throughout the process.

2. How much will it cost?

In salons, like many service-centric businesses, time is money. The more time that is needed, the more money it will cost. Often I will ask my guest if they want the 2-hour edition or the 7-hour edition and then I will start slow. Big color changes take time and thought to make the results Insta-worthy, so the cost will reflect how much time will be needed. If it is a big and dramatic change, be ready to include treatments for the service. The biggest piece of advice is to be honest with your budget, most colorists can customize their work to meet the budget but they need to know what yours is before commencing.


3. How often do I need to come back for maintenance?

A good rule here is to go by the 2 levels from your natural. If you are a dark brown and you are looking for a platinum blonde your regrowth will be much more noticeable then if you were a dark brown wanting to go light brown. Hair tends to grow between 1/4-1/2” per month. That being said, anything outside of the 2 levels will take more precision and attention to maintain so plan on coming in for a touch up at least every 6 weeks. Fun fact, the hairs keratin is still soft from the scalp to about ½ inch out. That means that if your regrowth is longer than the half inch, the keratin has hardened and this is where uneven banding can occur, so be sure to have a maintenance schedule with your colorist prior to jumping in!

4. What about home care?

Yes, it’s true, your new color may require some new and specialized home care. If you are more than two levels from your natural you are going to want to pick up a color protecting shampoo and conditioner that is sulfate and paraben free to maintain your color. If you are lighter than 3 levels from your natural your hair has been through some stress, so a protein-rich shampoo with a weekly mask is highly recommended.

Kevin Murphy Blonde Angel SwizzleSticks Salon CalgaryKevin Murphy Angel Rinse SwizzleSticks Salon Calgary


5. You’re rocking your new color and it’s totally what you wanted, but you’re not quite feeling it? Now what?

Sometimes a dramatic change can be just what you need to re-energize your life, so before you dive in ask yourself why you are looking for the change in the first place. Hairdressers are basically therapists, so a conversation about what you are hoping the change will make you feel is important. Just moved to a new city? Or just had a breakup? It might be best to start slower with the change to ensure you are actually ready for another big change. From there it comes down to committing to the change. If the color just feels foreign on your head, look at your wardrobe colors and makeup. Going from light to dark? Maybe a bolder brow will make the difference. Or a different tone of blush. Embrace the new you ALL THE WAY!

Changing hair color is one of the fastest and most rewarding things you can do for a change, it is so much fun to become an evolved version of yourself. Most salons offer free consultations so book one and then you can start to plan your strategy and get some questions answered! By asking these questions you will be much more informed and ready to take the plunge! Happy Hair Coloring!

Announcing Traditional Chinese Medicine

Cupping Treatment SwizzleSticks in Calgary


SwizzleSticks SalonSpa is excited to announce that we are now offering Traditional Chinese Medicine modalities!


Traditional Chinese Medicine is based around the idea that our body’s energy or qi (pronounced ch'i) flows along pathways in the body known as meridians. The belief is that if these meridians are blocked or unbalanced the body is opened up to the possibility of illness. 

Treatments are used to balance the opposing forces known as yin and yang that can become imbalanced by many internal factors such as: emotions of joy, fear, or anger, external such as cold, heat, or wind, as well as lifestyle factors including: poor diet, too much alcohol consumption, or a lack of sleep. 


Western lifestyles have many factors that can cause our energies to become and stay unbalanced, and we are thrilled to share with you that we are now offering Traditional Chinese Remedies of Cupping and Acupuncture with Queenie Wang, our two new spa providers!


Queenie graduated from Changchun Traditional Chinese Medicine University. She has a masters degree in Internal Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. She was a registered Chinese medicine doctor in China and is now a Registered Acupuncturist in Alberta (R.Ac). She specializes in the treatment of: arthritis, sciatica, depression, pain relief, insomnia, dizziness, chronic headache, digestive disorders, cosmetic acupuncture, menopausal syndrome, and improving the immune system. 


For more information on these treatments and appointment types please check out our Chinese Medicine Service Descriptions page or call us at (403) 270-7333.


5 Things To Try This Holiday Season!

A Touch of Gold

Seriously, we are all over this gold trend and gold leaf is such a fun way to enhance your festivities! Simply prep the hair with hair spray or gel on the area you are wanting to adorn and sprinkle or tap in the gold (or silver) leaf with a small makeup brush! We recommend starting small to control the application, then add a little hairspray over top and voila!

A Touch of Gold

Image Source 


Beautiful Braids

Sometimes a simple braid, as the main event, is all you need. Other times, a secret hidden or dainty braid is just enough to feel special. Want to take it a step further? Tie a beautiful scarf into a four-strand braid! *Expert tip* - prep the hair with some texture powder spray like Bedroom Hair by Kevin.Murphy and pull out the braid to make it more fulsome, try to pull the outside edges to not disrupt the entire braid!


 Image Source 


Winter Sparkle

Nothing says holiday party like a little sparkle! Glitter can be so easy to add to a hair style by simply sprinkling it on from the jar. We love using 24 Karat Gold Dust from Jane Iredale for this! Would you rather contain that sparkle? We are going crazy over the cute violet and gold Bobbi Pins that come with Kevin.Murphy’s Shimmer Shine this holiday season!

 Sparkle 1


Jewellery and Decorations

Have one of great-grandma’s blinged-out brooches collecting dust in your room? What about an old string of pearls? If you can’t bring yourself to wear these family heirlooms on the regular, try them in your hair for a fun holiday party! These enhancements look amazing intermixed in an updo, or they can act as a head band to keep it more house party casual. Alternatively, so many decorations this season are wire with berries or greenery, which can be used to showcase a more natural and wintery vibe!


Image Source 


Fun Colour!

Not into accessories? Try a fun new shade for the Holidays! There are so many exciting temporary colours to choose from. However, we warn you that once you start you might take this experimentation with you into the New Year, but we promise you won’t mind! We especially love this fuchsia for the season!


 Image Source 

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