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Announcing Traditional Chinese Medicine

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SwizzleSticks SalonSpa is excited to announce that we are now offering Traditional Chinese Medicine modalities!


Traditional Chinese Medicine is based around the idea that our body’s energy or qi (pronounced ch'i) flows along pathways in the body known as meridians. The belief is that if these meridians are blocked or unbalanced the body is opened up to the possibility of illness. 

Treatments are used to balance the opposing forces known as yin and yang that can become imbalanced by many internal factors such as: emotions of joy, fear, or anger, external such as cold, heat, or wind, as well as lifestyle factors including: poor diet, too much alcohol consumption, or a lack of sleep. 


Western lifestyles have many factors that can cause our energies to become and stay unbalanced, and we are thrilled to share with you that we are now offering Traditional Chinese Massage with Mr. Lee as well as Traditional Chinese Remedies of Cupping and Acupuncture with Queenie Wang, our two new spa providers!

Mr. Lee is a Registered Massage Therapist who graduated from the Beijing University of Medicine in 2000. He is a proud member of the Natural Health Practitioner of Canada (NHPC) and has over 20 years’ experience in Massage Therapy. He specializes in the treatment of: whiplash, sports injury, sprains, strains, back pain, migraine headaches, carpel tunnel syndrome, arthritis, frozen shoulder, TMJ (Temporal Mandibular Joint Dysfunction), tension headaches as well as tennis or golfer's elbow. Mr. Lee is available for services on Mondays, Fridays and looks forward to helping you!


Queenie graduated from Changchun Traditional Chinese Medicine University. She has a masters degree in Internal Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. She was a registered Chinese medicine doctor in China and is now a Registered Acupuncturist in Alberta (R.Ac). She specializes in the treatment of: arthritis, sciatica, depression, pain relief, insomnia, dizziness, chronic headache, digestive disorders, cosmetic acupuncture, menopausal syndrome, and improving the immune system. 


For more information on these treatments and appointment types please check out our Chinese Medicine Service Descriptions page or call us at (403) 270-7333.


5 Things To Try This Holiday Season!

A Touch of Gold

Seriously, we are all over this gold trend and gold leaf is such a fun way to enhance your festivities! Simply prep the hair with hair spray or gel on the area you are wanting to adorn and sprinkle or tap in the gold (or silver) leaf with a small makeup brush! We recommend starting small to control the application, then add a little hairspray over top and voila!

A Touch of Gold

Image Source 


Beautiful Braids

Sometimes a simple braid, as the main event, is all you need. Other times, a secret hidden or dainty braid is just enough to feel special. Want to take it a step further? Tie a beautiful scarf into a four-strand braid! *Expert tip* - prep the hair with some texture powder spray like Bedroom Hair by Kevin.Murphy and pull out the braid to make it more fulsome, try to pull the outside edges to not disrupt the entire braid!


 Image Source 


Winter Sparkle

Nothing says holiday party like a little sparkle! Glitter can be so easy to add to a hair style by simply sprinkling it on from the jar. We love using 24 Karat Gold Dust from Jane Iredale for this! Would you rather contain that sparkle? We are going crazy over the cute violet and gold Bobbi Pins that come with Kevin.Murphy’s Shimmer Shine this holiday season!

 Sparkle 1


Jewellery and Decorations

Have one of great-grandma’s blinged-out brooches collecting dust in your room? What about an old string of pearls? If you can’t bring yourself to wear these family heirlooms on the regular, try them in your hair for a fun holiday party! These enhancements look amazing intermixed in an updo, or they can act as a head band to keep it more house party casual. Alternatively, so many decorations this season are wire with berries or greenery, which can be used to showcase a more natural and wintery vibe!


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Fun Colour!

Not into accessories? Try a fun new shade for the Holidays! There are so many exciting temporary colours to choose from. However, we warn you that once you start you might take this experimentation with you into the New Year, but we promise you won’t mind! We especially love this fuchsia for the season!


 Image Source 

December at SwizzleSticks

December is a magical time of year, everyone talks a little kinder, and laughs a little louder. Yes there are all the commercial holiday expectations that tell us to get out there and buy that perfect gift, but in reality what is a perfect gift? And is there ever really a perfect Christmas?

At SwizzleSticks we always strive to get our wonderful guests access to some amazing items, products and services. Especially the kind of items that impacts a far greater audience than just giver and receiver. And when a gift enhances the lives of many, that “perfect gift” may just be a little more attainable.  Isn’t meaning what it’s all about?

Alora Boutique

This local jewellery line is popping up everywhere, and for good reason! Not only is it sustainable, and responsibly sourced. But on top of it all this company gives back!  A portion of every sale goes directly to help break the cycle of poverty for women. In fact their “Dianne Collection” is giving back 10% to women in poverty. Swizz carries a thoughtful collection of their pieces, and we are sure you’ll find something special for someone special!

To learn more about Alora visit

Alora boutique


New to the SwizzleSticks family, this line of First Nations Aromatherapy has become our latest obsession. “Chiiyaam” in Algonquin means Peace. It is by far our most beloved aroma, and is an energy clearing smudge. This Smudge is calming and clears negative energy. The aromas of cedar, white sage, rosemary and hemlock to name a few literally changes your brain. The ingredients are harvested responsibly, and each and every product in their line is packaged and labelled by a person. They believe that to invest in their team is far better than to invest in automation. Invocation is a gift that gives back by supporting ancient First Native Tradition and wisdom while experiencing aromatherapy at its finest!



Calgary Food Bank

This year SwizzleSticks has decided to forgo the traditional collection of non-perishable food donations, and instead raise some much needed funding for the Calgary Food Bank. Be sure to stop by for some gifts that give back and buy yourself a raffle ticket for $5. 100% of proceeds will go to the Food Bank and you get a chance to win a gift basket worth over $1000 in prizes! And even includes 2 of Swizz’ own Moroccan Holiday Spa Packages! Buy 5 tickets for $20 and you also get to choose a gift off of the tree!

Calgary Food Bank

We hope that your season is filled with light and laughter, and most importantly meaning!

From all of us at SwizzleSticks we wish you a very Merry Swizzmas and a very successful New Year!