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Thursday, July 14, 2011
Lip Service About Lipstick

Lipstick ImageThe thing about lipstick is... it ain’t just lipstick anymore. It could be lip glaze or lip gloss or shine or color or tint or a whole host of other slippery sounding adjectives. The question is, “What’s the difference and is there a difference?

Rebecca White, Purefessional and Make-Up Artist at Swizzlesticks SalonSpa Cosmetics division says, “The main difference is the way the product produces a finish on the lips from drenched and moist to heavily pigmented and matte.”

Thin lipped gals and gals whose smiles tend to turn down should avoid dark matte lipsticks as well as high moisture-drenched lip shines. The best choice for these women would be to choose a lipstick-style lip product of a light to natural pigmented shade.

Medium full lipped girls can push their lippy assets to the limit by lining their lips with a slightly darker color and then fill in with an Aveda Lip Gloss that also carries a tint which slightly colors the lips even after the “shine” wears off.

Lucky ladies with very full lips can choose to go from one end of the spectrum to the other by creating a “Classic Beauty” look which calls for rich-colored, matte lips such as a classical 50’s inspired “Saturday Night Red” When these same women wish to emphasize their gift of fullness then the highest shine and wettest looking lip covers such as Aveda Lip Shine would be a great choice.

For autumn, Rebecca says, “Lip Glaze offers brighter but more translucent colors than lipstick." Her hot trend Aveda Lip Glaze™ picks for Fall 2011 are "Petal Lite" and "Vanadinite".

Come in any time to see Rebecca and our team of Purefessionals and make-up artists. You’ll find they are not at all “tight-lipped” about what may be the right lip choice for you.

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